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What is OUTLAW gGmbH?


OUTLAW, which was founded in 1987, was named after a two-mast schooner. On the ship, and in two shared apartments in Greven, young people at risk were being taken care of. From the beginning, the name has stood for our aim of protecting the rights of children, youth, and their families, especially in times of difficult situations.

We started by providing government-authorized social services and then expanded our services to encompass a wider spectrum. Today, our socio-educational services as well as the kindergartens we operate can be described as our main pillars. During the process of expanding our programs and services, we have continuously adapted and altered them according to the needs of our clients. The experiences of our employees working with children, youth, and their families have been incorporated into the process, as have the changes in society and the resulting demands on children and youth care, which influence the general framework of our work.

We have always been true to our basic idea of caring for children, youth, and young adults with problems. Increasingly, we have also focused on the families our clients live with. Moreover, all of our services tie in with the living environments of our clients, and we strongly support the improvement of those environments.

OUTLAW fosters and encourages:

  • Families
  • Community development
  • Development of ongoing recreational activities for children, youth, and their families
  • Cohesion among generations

At our various locations, OUTLAW offers flexibly organized services. Whether socio-educational services, residential youth care centers, or classical children and youth care in supervised accommodation facilities, counseling centers, kindergartens, youth centers, school projects for chronic truants, daycare centers, multi-generation houses, or a second-hand shop, our goal will always remain the same:  to provide our clients with as many opportunities in their surroundings as possible.

The decentralized form of our organization allows for branches in several parts of Germany: North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Brandenburg, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Thuringia.